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» Sizing Fire Pumps: Using the Pump Curve SprinklerAge April 2002
» Obstructions: We've Come a Long Way, But the Journey Isn't Over SprinklerAge May 2003

» [PDF-Download] Protecting Ceiling Pockets: A Technical Review of an Industry Theory Leads to Some Surprising Results

Reprinted with permission from NFPA Journal® (Vol. 97, #2), Copyright © 2004, National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA. All rights reserved.
Figure 2 is reprinted with permission from NPFA 13-2002, Installation of Sprinkler Systems, Copyright © 2002, National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA 02269. This reprinted material is not the complete and official position of the NFPA on the referenced subject, which is represented only by the standard in its entirety.
NFPA Journal March/April 2004

» [PDF-Download] Seismic Protection is Spreading Across the Country and the Way It's Being Done is Changing

Reprinted with permission from NFPA Journal®, January/February 2005, Copyright © 2005, National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA 02169. All rights reserved.
NFPA Journal January/February 2005


» Evaluating the Impact of Ceiling Pockets on Sprinkler Activation

SprinklerAge July 2002

» Water Velocity: Its Impact on the Accuracy of Hydraulic Calculations

SprinklerAge Sept. 1996

» The Impact of 8" Lintels on Sprinkler Activation within Small Rooms

  Feb. 2005

» The Impact of 18" Draft Stops on Sprinkler Activation for Vertical Opening Protection

  Feb. 2005


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